Multimedia Story Telling

15 Jan

     Hello, my name is Keionda Lewis. I am a Junior at the University of Southern Mississippi pursing two degrees: Broadcast Journalism and Spanish. 

     My definition of multimedia writing is news writing that is projected to an audience from different platforms such as blogs, internet, television, etc. We take in news in many different ways. A lot of people enjoy blogging. This past year I began to start blogging and rather enjoy it now. 

     This is an example of multimedia story telling that I enjoyed. It is a blog written by Jill, a fellow member of Feministe. (a blogging website)


[“I’m glad to see queer youth getting some love / representation in this New York Times article. But like so many pieces on youth social justice movements, the article positions young LGBTQIA folks as “post-gay” and somehow at odds with older generations, which doesn’t actually seem to be true in the real world.

I’m glad to see that a diversity of sexual identities are being recognized. But I also worry about the intense focus on identity, and what that means for social justice movements.”]


      What I liked about this blog was that it gave opinion as well as factual news. The website I found this blog on is very interesting. It is actually a blog solely for women. Here is the link to the website: